Herb Garden

Basil in the cup

Of all the things to grow, herbs seem to be the easiest.  When I first started my own garden, I had a few issues.  Throughout my childhood, we always had a garden that I would help with.  So naturally I thought this would be easy!  Well,  I soon discovered that I was a tad off in my estimation of difficulty.  My first garden was full of a variety of fruits and vegetables, which was my mistake.  I soon learned (after 75% of my crops died)  that slow and simple was the way to go!  So, if you are new to gardening, I believe an herb garden in the perfect start.  If you have purchased herbs from the grocery store, you have probably noticed how expensive they can be.  Not only is cost an issue, often you only need a small amount for a particular recipe, which leaves those pricey herbs to rot away in the bottom of the refrigerator.

A kitchen window is a great place to start a small herb garden.  If you don’t have a window in the kitchen, you can use another window or area near light.  Recently, I have discovered many artificial light herb gardens for sale.  These are cheap and the ratings appear good, but I prefer natural light.   Start your garden with an herb that you use frequently.  Parsley is usually a good choice, as it can be used in so many recipes!  You can use any small pot, jar, or a coffee mug.  Be creative and recycle any empty food jar or container.  Seeds can be purchased in the plant department at local home or grocery store.  It’s so easy and rewarding to eat the foods and herbs that you have grown yourself!



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